Oliver Williams, born 1946, is a retired draftsman who grew up in a rural community in Illinois. Many of his paintngs depict scenes of the mid to late 1950's of his small town midwestern childhood. Oliver is oftentimes inspired for ideas for his paintings from dreams and old family photos. He feels that his paintings come to him almost as flashbacks, "An image that got stuck in my mind from the fifties will get jarred to the surface because of something I see today and it becomes a painting." All of Oliver Williams's paintings share an underlying unsettling quality. When asked about the surreal, almost eerie quality of his work, Oliver explains that he tries to portray man's inner fears in mundane, everyday settings

Oliver Williams' work was shown at the 1996 show "Chicago Collects" an outsider art show at the Chicago Cultural Center, the "Home" show at Intuit in Chicago, 1998 and Bett-Carol Sullen's book 20th Century Folk Art.  

1. 26" x 28"
2. 20" x 16"
3. 24" x 18"
4. 24" x 20"
5. 16" x 20"
6.  16" x 12"
9. 20" x 24"
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