Paul E.


Paul was born in 1963, and raised in a large Mexican-American family of eleven children. Paul was mentally disabled at birth and is the only member of his family who has expressed any artistic ability. Paul is fascinated by transportation, futurism and popular culture. Many of his paintings are of public transportation or of commercial settings such as waterbed stores, malls, bowling alleys, super-markets and RV parks. Paul will take these everyday settings and abstact them to his own unique perspective or turn them into futuristic fantasy.

Paul's work  was exhibited in "The End Is Near"show at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, 1997.  The exhibit then toured to Seattle, WA, 1998 and to the Las Vegas Art Museum, 1999.  His work was also exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center show, "Chicago Collects," 1996, the Southbend Regional Art Museum, Indiana, "The Intuitive Edge," 1996, and Intuit's show "Eureka!" 1993. His work is also featured in Betty Sullen's book 20th Century Fok Art and in Roger Manley's book, The End Is Near.


Prices available upon request.


1. Lamps & More, 16" x 20"

2. Lamps & More, 16" x 20"

3. Vases & More, 16" x 20"

4. Funny Lamps & More, 16" x 20"

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