"Uncle Pete" Dragac was born in 1883 in New Tabor, Texas. He was of Czech descent and grew up on a farm. Over the years he worked as a carpenter and house painter till 1916 when hr and his wife began to operate a grocery store and bakery in Caldwell, Texas. Although they had no children, his nieces and nephews all called him "Uncle Pete", a name by which he generally became known. After his wife's death in 1962 he was despondent. One day he decorated a flower box and soon he was painting everything. Uncle Pete's designs are composed of simple figures and brightly painted animals. He generally painted a light white wash over the paper and then painted his figures over that in enamel. Hs most prolific period was in the last years before he died which was 1975.

Uncle Pete's work is included in Ricco/Maresca's Self Taught Artists Book and Lynne Adele's Spirited Journeys.






2. 14" x 22"




3.  14" x 22"




4.  14" x 22"







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