Stephen J Palmer (1882 - 1965) worked as a farm laborer and logger in rural Wisconsin and Minnesota. 
He suffered a spinal injury in the 1920s that left him bed ridden later in life. During the last years of his
life, he painted prolifically. The initials "J M" stand for Jesus and Mary, and signify his religious devotion.
He was affiliated with a fringe group of visionary Catholic worshippers and provided prophecies to a small
group of devoted followers. He began his obsessive, rigorously symmetrical, watercolor and ink drawings in
about 1954 while in his seventies utilizing a wheelchair with a special tray. 

Prices available upon request.  

1. 21" x 28"
2. 21" x 28"
3. 21" x 28"
4. 21" x 28"
5. 21" x 28"

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